Free Visual Prayer Cards (2-Sets)

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Image by Fa Barboza

What does the Bible Say about Prayer? 

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What is Visual Prayer?

Simply speaking, Visual Prayer is making prayer tangible. When we "see" our prayers, we build a stronger prayer life by increasing our ability to stay focused, increase the time we spend in communion with Christ and strengthen our spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation.


There is no one way to pray visually.  However, as you scroll down this page, you'll notice suggestions labeled "TRY IT". There are many lasting benefits which we will discuss further on this page to praying visually. Are you ready to give it a try? 


Suggested supplies: 3X5 cards or blank sketchbook or journal, various pens and colored pencils. 


Benefit One: Focus & Attention

The hardest part about taking time to pray is freeing oneself from all the distractions. Noise, thoughts, time...they all try to take us away from communicating with our Father who longs to hear from us. Visual prayer gives us something tangible to focus on and keeps our attention longer.

TRY IT: Secret Code Prayer

Use graph paper or draw grids.  As you pray, place one letter per box, with no punctuation needed.  This method is great for those that get easily distracted. It will only be easy for you and God to decifer. 


When was the last time you spent more than just a few seconds talking to God? While you are coloring in a pre-drawn design or drawing a detailed pattern to pray through, you'll find time stands still.  This builds your abillty to LISTEN to what God wants to say to YOU too!

TRY IT:  Pre-Drawn Images & Coloring

Consider downloading blank visual prayer cards like the ones we provide at the top of the page or in our shop each month, or cut up the pages of an adult coloring book. While calming your mind through the act of coloring, talk to Him or just sit in His presence as long as you wish.



Have you noticed that more often that not, even non-Christians are open to allow a believer to pray for them? Why not make those prayers physical, so that can see your commitment to pray over them and their circumstances. 

TRY IT: Surrounded In Prayer

Have someone on your heart? Give them to the Lord by simply writing their name on the center of a 3X5 card.  As you circle around their name, pray for each part of their life. 


When you 'track" your time in prayer with visual experience, you are more likely to go back to it regularly.  Try starting a journal page for each member of your family or fill in a calendar square of blessings every day for one month. 

TRY IT: Growing A Prayer

Start a small prayer card or journal page with a long, curving and twisting line.  Give yourself plenty of room to add "leaves" to your "vine" over a longer period of time. Return to it often to see your prayers grow before your eyes,



We often carry a heavy weight of things we worry about, are experiencing or a growing list of people that we have concerns about.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed, give it to God. 

TRY IT: Illustrative prayers

Using simple outlines of image such as a flower, a sunset, house or an umbrella will create several sections and give you the space to pack a big punch into a small space.  Writing a word, a name or small symbol for each part of your illustration gives you just enough time to get it on the page and into God's hands. 


Pray Everyday!

Keep your daily visual prayer time simple by tracking your conversations with God on one of our two monthly calendar blanks. 

You can use the same printable month-to-month.

Freedom Over Fear

52-Weeks of Prayer

Our prayer journal is a perfect solution to all

of your prayer dilemmas. 


Each week is organized into sections of concern, praise, reflection and goal planning.  Memorize the scripture of the week and recite strong statements of affirmation. 


With a dot-grid background and blank spaces in the margins, there are ample opportunities

to color, sketch, write and record your prayers!