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Faith Art | Style 1

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling is a creative way to document how God is working in your life, to deepen their biblical knowlegde and strengthen their connection to Christ.


 Participants read a passage of scripture, then creatively engage in an expressive response on the pages of their bible, journal or sketchbook. 

Faith Art | Style 2

Visual Prayer

Taking action, visually, to represent your prayers.

This method may include written words, coloring in pre-determined spaces or sketching out symbolic images.  Visual prayers have little to do with the finished product and all to do with the process of communicating with the Lord.


Praying visually allows us to document our prayers while  more consistently resting longer in Jesus' presence. 

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Faith Art | Style 3

Prophetic Art

Christian artists often find personal revelation from the Holy Spirit which they then express through their visions, imagination and technical skill for the purpose of edification, encouragement, consolation, conviction or guidance to the body of Christ. 

While some artists practice prophetic art publicly (church service), others turn on their worship music and allow God to speak through their artistic experience.


Faith Art | Style 4

Sermon Sketch-noting

Sketch-noting is the intentional organization of information through a combination of drawn visual elements and written text. This practice allows the listener of the sermon, class or presentation the opportunity to  "see" the information they have gathered, while engaging both hemispheres of the brain. This allows the learner to have higher levels of engagement,  more accurate comprehension and longer memory retention.

Image by Diana Schröder-Bode

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my soul.

Faith Art | Style 5

Scripture Writing

The art of beautiful hand lettering  in harmony with memorizing scripture.

Simple yet timeless.


Jazz up your scripture writing with a simple border or painted details...or simply download our free templates below.   

Faith Art | Style 6

Junk Journaling

Lovingly referred to as "Junk" journaling, this eccentric form of mixed media arts often works as a catch-all source for faith artists. Often artists create, not only the page content, but also the journaling source as well; from altering books or hymnals to binding paper bags or scrap paper.  Artists that practice this find freedom in being able to create, record, pray, track and journal all in one location!

Mixed media book pages art journaling ab
Tablet Design


Digital Art

Using technology has major artistic benefits when it comes to documenting one's faith.  All it really takes is an iPad, stylus in hand and a program such as Procreate or Good Notes to make traveling with "journaling supplies" a breeze. 


More digital resources coming soon to our shop!