Is Bible Journaling Right for me?

Our Bible Journaling flowchart aides in determining if you are the type of person that might enjoy or benefit from this new method of creative study. 

While we here at The Bright Bible, naturally think everyone should give it a whirl, we understand that there are often lots of questions in a newbies mind, road blocks to move around and lifestyles to consider. 


 Take the "quiz" for yourself and see where the arrows lead you. 

Image by Aaron Burden

What Bible?

Single Margin, Interleaved? Bibles with lines or pre-drawn images? Click below to see our Review of Favorite Bibles. 

What Supplies?

Wondering what supplies work well in your bible? Click below to view or print our Ultimate Bible Journaling Supplies List. 


What to Study?

Whether you are a biblical scholar or dusting your bible off the shelf, knowing what to study can often be a challenge.  Click below for free lessons to jumpstart your journal-study time!

How to Journal?

Be inspired by work from our creative contributor team, watch tutorials and be encouraged in a community of like-hearted individuals.

Image by Estée Janssens